The Hang-Out 070

The Hang-Out 070 is a ‘living room project’, given life to offer a safe space to the queer community. We are a way for queer people to meet each other in a safe environment so that they can truly be themselves and be amongst peers. This stimulates personal development and creates bridges between communities and individuals. We organise fun activities and events that contribute to the wishes of queer people, especially those from communities of colour or with a migrant background.

The goal of The Hang-Out 070 is empowering the queer community. With our intersectional approach, we guarantee that everyone is given the space to develop their own gender identity, sexuality, and cultural identity. That means we give equal importance to every facet of anyone’s personal journey. We consider ourselves a platform that acts as a home for the queer community, giving them the energy and the hope to participate in society.

Facebook: thehangout070

LGBT Refugees Rainbow Den Haag

This project is aimed at LGBT refugees. Meetings are regularly organized where visitors can meet in a secure environment, share experiences, do some dancing etc. Guest speakers are invited to give information about topics that are useful to refugees.
Facebook: lgbt refugees den haag